It all started on a trip to Jaipur, India where local artisans were creating gorgeous block-printed textiles. Their traditions and techniques were awe-inspiring and each piece’s distinctive imperfections were perfect to us. Back home our journey continued, when in search for baby bedding, we discovered there were no roads leading to the bohemian style we love. 

Rikshaw Design launched its first crib bedding and accessory collection in 2008...."boho baby was born!"

"Watching the Indian artisans create gorgeous block-printed textiles in person left me mesmerized", says Founder, Catherine Hedrick. "I fell in love with the imperfections of a block print, the saturated colors, and the true artistry and dedication that it takes to finish just one meter of fabric.”

Rikshaw Design grew organically and we began layering in products that spoke to us. We launched a children’s clothing collection that featured original and whimsical block prints like seahorses, anchors, and elephants. Later, we introduced a lounge and women’s collection, each of which focused on the types of clothing we like to wear—soft, casual, stylish yet playful.

At Rikshaw, India is our touchstone- that's why every single piece of clothing, bedding, and accessory begins its life with a block printers' personal touch. We embrace the brilliant, whimsical, and sometimes unexpected color combinations so emblematic of India, filter that inspiration through a modern eye, and design timeless products that are comfortable to wear and feel, and truly get better with age.

We hope you enjoy your hand crafted product from the Rikshaw Design Team!