hugo guinness prints

a book for jcrew he illustrated

i was at a store yesterday and saw some hugo guinness prints, i love how they look grouped together and even mixed with other random pieces of favorite is the "mens briefs"..i think would be really cute framed in a baby boys nursery!

here is a blurb i read about Hugo and his wife Elliott in New York Magazine, i love how his wife is a southern gal who loves brunswick stew and fav..

.."The artists Elliott Puckette and Hugo Guinness entertain often in their rambling Brooklyn town house. ''Young and old, domestic and imported, gay or straight, all are welcome,'' Guinness says. ''Most of our friends seem to be artists of one sort or another, poets, priests, plumbers, that sort of thing. I try to look pleased to see them, give them a drink and then disappear.'' Puckette, a Tennessee native, loves to prepare down-home dishes, like Brunswick stew and grits souffle. And for tabletop accouterments, the couple looks no farther than the Bowery in downtown Manhattan for ''everything you could possibly need for a party: plates, vases, tablecloths and antlers,'' says Guinness."

images via urban flea, john derian

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