i would like to say "yes I am a believer" to mary, miro and liz who all have been raving for awhile the wonderfully splendid drink Kombucha..with its aquired vinegar taste, it truly gives me so much energy, with a clear head everyday around 4:00ish, i love its effervescenty taste. and if you have a hang-over, guzzle one down and you will feel like you can at least deal with the day.(frannie)
my fav's so far are divine grape and strawberry serenity.
kombucha benefits the following:
digestion, immune system, metabolism, appetite control--(this is really true), weight control, liver functions, body alkalinity, anti aging, healthy skin and hair....ALL NATURALLY..what the heck give it a try!
read more here and the story of how kombucha directly helped G.T. Dave's mother beat breast cancer

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