ny livin

so here is the deal...i have sort of become a food snob after living in the bay area for a good chunk of my life, in my opinion its unbeatable..is it weird that i won't eat sushi unless i am in CA?

here is why i heart ny (some food and other randomness):

convenience: every evening after a long hot day of walking and standing on my feet all day..i could just jump out on the street and viola..red mango frozen yogurt deliciousness with fresh toppings and not all that bad for me! (not in bay area)

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people watching: i wouldn't call it staring like they do in l.a. but just noticing..at cafe habana, eating yummy cuban food, while checking out all the interesting people and i love the way the waitress kept calling me "momma"...."hi momma, what can i get for you? have a great day momma"

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pedicures: ok ny has got us bay area mani-pedi's beat. they know how to rub the knots out, use yummy salt scrub, and i actually did pay extra for longer massage..they have it down.

great service here: at kingswood, a restaurant in the west village, delish australian menu and the cute australian accent waiter --was a sweet treat!

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fearless style: everyone has their own take on trend style ect..i was looking around and this one gal literally was rockin a pair of orthopedic sandals and looked completely cool. i was inspired.

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