blog crush..

so i figured i would pass along some blogs that make my day!

altamira = fabulous models/interesting peeps walking the streets of NYC..usually captures them jumping or something with action..

neo-traditionalist commented on one of my posts so i quickly headed over to her fabulousness..she offers quotes of the day and i love some of her mottos:
"we believe in bring back granny names like: eloise, faye.."
"we believe in peddling vintage schwinns with flower baskets.."

liz powers of pink monkey found me somehow and then we realized we had friends in common, such a small world..having a slight jcrew obsession, shoe obsession, and great music taste, i feel like we blog the same way, and she reminds me of home..

katy elliot...not only is her blog great, especially when she is exploring little towns in Maine..but her series of updates on her renovations to her 257 year old home..this is her garden she installed on the side of the house with sprinklers and all....wait until you see the bones they found when excavating dirt from the basement!

attention all mothers....head over to tada shop for the perfectly hand-picked clothing, gifts, toys, activities, stationary, and decor for your lil ones (baby to kid age)....holly and hadley have scoured it all for more searching!

if you have been under a rock in the blogging universe..its ok..get caught up with everything that is: chic, vintage, feminine, incredibly stylish and candy sweet= ruby press (i do hope rikshaw will be working with them soon!)

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