making sense of a total mess

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Yesterday i attended the Blog Out Loud event in San Francisco, held at the store Belljar. I love that store, all its vintage inspired pieces, taxidermy on the walls and cool wallpaper set the scene for a great backdrop to the event. I was excited to meet some of my favorite bloggers the one and only Cassandra from Coco and Kelley, and I got to meet Megan from Beachbungalow8. Plus some new ones like petunia face(she was hilarious!), and Belljar will be added too the daily reads! They are all pro's at this blogging thing, and gave us all lots of tid bits to help us all out.
So now I am thinking about the week and this photo title pretty much sums it up.."making sense of a total mess"..going to get it together this week..

p.s. i do love how she is in a cute dress while trying to figure things out..i think that helps sometimes ;)

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