the perfect day

the fabulous Sadie, from the rikshaw team, told me about the weekend sherpa..I am loving this site, you can search by activity (hike, bike, relax, get away) and by california region and you can sign up to receive their newsletters which tells you seasonal things to do..So yesterday Jumby and i headed to point reyes, and went to the best beach Limantour Beach. This stretch of pristine beach, not a single scrap of trash, beautiful blue waves and people horseback riding on the beach (it was Jumby's first time seeing a horse, i think she thought it was a dinosaur!) Then afterwards headed into cute point reyes station, where they were having a climate control rally, so i listened to a few speeches, then headed to cowgirl creamery and picked up some yummy food.
The drive was so beautiful will fall foliage, cows grazing the fields, good music playin, it was a perfect day. here is the link to the activity we did..thanks up "the perfect mt tam hike".

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