go team!

hi there folks..
on monday we had a little photo shoot for some pics of me for "this and that" (primarily for press stuff)..anyway this post is to not talk about the pics but to talk about the talent and team (yes it took an army to get me pulled together!) that made me feel like queen bee for the day--that is until the real super-model, jumby entered the premises..
photographer...ericka mcconnell, she is so talented and i really trust her and what she can get out of every situation, plus she is all about the natural, happy moments..+her assistant melody is such a sweet heart to have around and has such nice energy.
stylist..claire stanley of styleme sf is such a breath of fresh air!..i tend to be all over the place and not really planned down to the details, she helped me pull together the looks with what i have, what i need to get, went shopping with me, worked with my body insecurities and was on-set fixing anything that was needing that special touch, plus made sure i felt comfortable.
hair and make-up by hillary clark of blush beauty did such a natural job with my hair and make-up and was so easy going and willing to tone things down if i wasn't comfortable..its absolutely amazing what make-up can hide..
art director extraordinaire..melissa davis of Ruby Press, came in and got down to business..having such an eye for what the editors want.. she helped with overseeing the whole look and the room making sure everything was on brand and looking its sparkly best!
and last but certainly not least..my savior sweet sadie, of Rikshaw Design..just dealt with me freeking out and kept the office afloat during the madness of the day.

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