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in my yoga and as i was doing my downward dog, stretching out my hamstrings, glad i made it out in the pouring rain to this warm cozy incensed filled room, things were doing good, then all of a sudden.....another student behind me started HACKING up her lung..literally...every time she went upside down the coughing started and the teacher even said "wow" and she replied "i promise i am over the worst part"...thats when i almost chimed in with .."are you kidding me??!?! please leave --yes you..leave! there isn't enough purell in the world to keep those germs from getting to me" ...i even gave the instructor a disgusted face!
well none of that exchange happened, unfortunately ...but if you are one of THOSE (you know who you are)..that still goes to work, yoga, coffee shop when you still obviously are ill, please know that it is just gross..go crawl back under the sheets, we don't want to see you until you are healthy...ommmmmm now i feel better getting that off my chest!

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