whats with you immune system..ohh yeah i forgot the flu-shot..i don't know but this month has been a doozie..my head is pounding as i type this because i am upright..i have been horizontal all day. the one thing i did do was cut out some valentines for my lovely little ones i love..

here random thoughts in the brain..

*please watch kell on earth..on bravo seriously some great tv of a crazy pr lady but i kind of respect her b/c she is so successful and single mom

*call out to all you 'wanting to start your own biz', sick days don't really exist..fun times..
*planning a really fun photo shoot..think quirky-- (like me) meets jcrew..this image is spelling it out for me..
*shhhhh.... your the first to know..we have womens tunics coming out too!!!! i couldn't let the babies take all the rikshaw loveliness!i have so much i am ready to show all you lovely fans of rikshaw product..it just hasn't come in yet!!anxious...they are a really cute fit and have whipstitching on the sleeves..excuse the (work in progress photos)
*need to plan a trip..i am thinking i need to check out whats around me..never been to seattle, austin, portland...i want some tips where to stay, eat, drink, shop ect..
image here

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