sunday sentiments

whew what a week its been..thank you all who have now decided to follow the blog, those who have been following the blog, its been so nice having your support!

random sunday thoughts:

* big thanks to the blog-goddesses out there who did a big post on the line launching specifically the city sage, the neo-trad, and wide open spaces...i am sooo complimented that you love the line enough to share with your readers!

*spring forward..i like it..yeah i know everyone loses an hour of sleep, but now everything feels like its supposed to be. jumby eats at normal hours, wakes up at normal hours, and it just means long days of sunshine are around the corner, i am hoping for a burst of motivation to exercise everyday..

*ready for sandals & flops..aren't you? feet love them

*liberty for target, i think i may be the only one a bit wary of this launch..after i saw the debacle that happened with john Derians stuff..i am not all that excited, plus i have loved the real deal with liberty, and so does jumby..(she's about to bark at me in this pic)

*have you ever been professionally fitted for a bra? i did this weekend at the breast cancer event at Nordstroms..umm..the lady had the nerve to tell me i am a cup size biGGer than i have been wearing? i almost passed out after punching her! if you got curves...its not fun to hear they are bigger than you thought..

enjoy your day folks!
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