cover up!

image from here
look how pretty marilyn monroe is here...sooo curvy and confident!

since everyone is experiencing record breaking heat..its got me thinking about swim wear..YIKES!
i am loving the shot of my mom on the previous post and made me think..i want a bathing suit that covers me up, and cute too..
string bikini days are sadly in the past for me..

i guess it doesn't have to look so bad..and 'miracle suity' (image source unknown)

here are my choices i found online:

from anthropologie romantic boho

from jcrew the staple..plan on ordering them all and keeping one what i like best..can the stores please start to carry one pieces its mean that they only carry bikinis..

from Tory Burch great pattern..but hard for the well-endowed

from Urban outfitters..demure girlie

from Juicy Couture, sexy and LandsEnd Canvas, great price!
if you can recommend any other sites i have left off..please do!

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