american west

early in the a.m to see the horses wrangled in..

the wild west..i spent a summer working on a dude ranch, in wyoming, where everyone wore Wranglers, boots, cowboy hats, and jean skirts! we had a blast waiting on our familes that would come in for a week at a time, & then get invited back to the "round room" for free drinks! the ranch catered to getting away from it pay phone on the dirt road, no internet access..but it did have a airplane strip for those with their private jets..who really needed to turn it off!
that big blue sky that goes on for miles...we lived in cabins and had one of the best summers of my life..

me on the left with my girls !
image from here

image from here
loving these frye boots with the stitching..i have the plain ones like this..and wear them all the time

look at the baby cuteness from Frye..arrgghhh i want to squeeze them!

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