whats next? with The Zhush

I found the blog the zhush from comments on other blogs and i am so happy i did..her witty blog with fashionable finds and her posting on a random chanel item every week, like a chanel cupcake, leaves me giddy! here are her suggestions for rikshaw:

Hi! Sue from The Zhush here.
When Catherine contacted me and asked if I would be willing to help her think of some new design ideas for her beautiful block printed cotton fabrics, I jumped at the idea. As a big fan of the Rikshaw Design Line of children's clothing and accessories, (and the not soon enough kurtas for women), I knew thinking of some cute ideas for this California Boho inspired company would be a lot of fun.

the fabrics are so great and inspiring, it took no time at all!
Here is what I would love to see:
fabric photo frames
lavender fabric sachets
cotton napkins and coaster sets

To help visualize this, I found a bunch of great inspiration photos of at Martha Stewart's site (of course)


And one last idea! Due to my love for silhouettes, I remembered a particular post i did on them, and had to include this image as well!

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