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Champagne, from stitch poet blog and crush party approached me with this amazing idea to make scarves with rikshaw fabric..lightweight summer scarves..hopefully we can get this project going, she is full of a mile a minute ideas and is such a crafty gal! Here are just a few of her amazing suggestions, I had to edit it down to save for others to come, thanks champagne!

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...Big & Little ideas for Rikshaw...
First, and the easiest, breeziest, a scarf!
Ruffles and scrunchie with one fabric,
or long and wide with patchwork combos.

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...with fun handmade edges and trims...
And while you're at it...
this skirt would look great with that scarf...
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How about a headband!

All my babies are grown so I, selfishly think of big girl stuff first. My baby in Madrid turned her unbrella inside out and every which-a-way on her way to class the other day. I'd love to replace her unbrella with a laminated Rikshaw umbrella! I know this is a bit more complicated than pattern and sew, but one with each panel a different fabric would be to die for! I'm just sayin'.

found ~ here ~

champagne maker
Ok, I could go on and on with stuff for somebody
else to do, but enough is enough, back to work.
You know where to ~ find me ~ if you ever
decide Rikshaw needs to add a
handknit baby hat & sweater!
xov (kisshugstitch)

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