happy mothers day mom!

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dear mom,
Happy mom's day to you..thank you for always telling me to look up at the moon when I am away from you and that you are looking at it too..your hand-written notes snuck in my bag whenever i come home to visit...saying things that make me laugh out loud because they are so 'not right'...that your need to 'close your eyeballs' for a few minutes...making yummy cheese grits..laughing your way through most griswold family events..taking thelma and louise trips with me and frannie...and for being up for any adventure that's around the corner..
(i think i have adopted that trait of yours..!)
remember this one......
you turning the corner to see the taj mahal for the first time!
my best friend..
i love you and hope you are having a happy mother's day!
miss you,

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