what's next? with the City Sage

Anne, of the blog, the City Sage..just does it everytime..her combinations of stunning photography with beautiful writing is a wonderful way to start my day everyday..here is her suggestion for Rikshaw:

Over the years, through a combination of savings, splurges, and generous relatives, I've acquired a pretty nice wardrobe. But there's one standout piece that I reach for again and again. One sexy little number that I just can't get enough of. One slinky, sultry item that I can't wait to wear at the end of the day. What is it, you ask? My pajamas!

Yes, I'm one of those girls. The first thing I do upon arriving home is change into my comfiest pj's, and I don't take remove them until I absolutely must leave the house the next morning. And how much better would those pajamas be if they were made of gorgeous Rikshaw fabric? Um, let's just say I might not take them off...ever! So pretty please, whether it's a nightie, a shorts set, or a cozy pair of drawstring pants, can I have some rikshaw pj's?

images 1. Petrina Tinslay 2,5. Corrie Bond 3. Chris Blott 4. Daniel Farmer 6. Polly Wreford 7. 8. Liz Ham

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