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i saw SATC 2 last night..here are my thoughts and my thoughts only....i recommend seeing it for sure but..what the hell was that movie? sooo entertaining, so visually over the top, but it was like an action-adventure film--sex and the city on steroids!!
i missed the quiet moments between the girls..i balled in the first movie, remember when carrie rushed to be with miranda on new years eve?..there were only a few of those tender parts..this was an adventure in abu dhabi with the girls..i did like the setting and the movie was written for samantha, she had all the best lines..my fav fashion moment i cannot find a picture of anywhere..but it was carrie in a long flowey orange dress walking barefoot on the beach..beautiful..
(got to see the longer preview for eat, pray, love before the movie..that just might be my movie of the summer that i will see 1000x)

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