when i received the crewcut catalog, the darling kid size clothes from jcrew, i found myself dog-earring those pages for myself!!..which got me thinking..
what happened to looking like a dork when your young?
don't get me wrong, these looks are insanely cute...but are they gonna be dorky in 30 years?
..i hope these kids have pics to laugh at like these..

5th grade class..lots of Esprit..that would be me, 2nd row in the in the green 'sweatshirt vest ' and turtleneck--come on mom, couldn't you have splurged for the full sweatshirt? thats ridiculous

my family is full of strange, yet comical mom would run out and take our picture on the first day of school usually in her bathrobe, while the carpool full of laughing kids the same time my dad in a high pitched voice would scream out the window "have a happy day!!!!!"
its those painful dorky times that make my day now... i can't wait to embarrass my kids..

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