happy fathers day to a dad who's dry wit usually leaves me with
"wha??..then it sinks in and i recall it and laugh hysterically..especially when my brother imitates him"
my dad is the dad at parties, vacations, ect that would rather hang with the kids, show them card tricks or discuss whatever randomness.. then hang with the parents (he used to tell me they were boring)
thanks for all your laughs you bring to my life, dad, without really knowing it.. your toasts at weddings, memories of embarrassing me when i walk out to my carpool, and most importantly your sayings..
here are a few:
"susie..telephone!" (inside family joke)
"daaaarlin..i wrote the book"
" i am your faaatha"
"marmalade me, who laid you?"
"certnie"= certainly
"what planet are you from?"
"you wanna walk around like a crab.." (this one directed to my brother)
telephone rings:
me: hello
me: what are you doing?..
dad: talkin to you
(after talking for awhile..)
dad: well enjoyed hearin you breathe"

i love you dad!

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