blog re-do

image from here
the image has nothing to do with this post..but really how could i resist a shot with miniature jumby's (my dog) squeeeeeze

blog re-design..come on everyone is doing it!!..this little blog has had no creative love..and i am wanting it to have a new look..just like how i change my bedding all the time or change up the pillows on the couch..i am tired of staring at the same ole thing..

i have some questions for you:
-have sponsers or not?..i don't know how i feel about this one..i am not doing this to make any money but i would like to promote friends businesses ...hmmmm
-i want my images WAYYYY bigger, i have fiddled around with the html and wound up with a scrambled mess!
-anyone know any blog re-designers who are good and not too pricey?

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