aussie awesomeness + girl crush

i think i have a girl crush, on creative stylist extraordinare, Sibella Court...she reigns in Sydney, Australia (on my must-see list) and has a concept shop called The Society, in which she transforms into "themes" every 3 months..luckily for us who can't jump on a plane to visit the store, its featured in Man Shops Globe on the Sundance Channel...most of the pictures i have seen of the shop don't do it justice, so i was salivating while watching it on the tube and seeing her living space upstairs! (ps..i want that for rikshaw ! )
images from living ect found here

and i am in love with the aura of this artiste, Anna Wili..she is so soft spoken and sweet..and her talet with paper scraps sewn into these beautiful creatures...the above video is a snippet from the autralia episode of Man shop globe on Sundance Channel..

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