back roads

church in nicasio, california

yesterday i took a drive farther up north to visit some towns i hadn't been to in awhile..petaluma is one of my favorites...i got to have a visit with Jess Brown, of jess brown dolls and the store Maude..she is so extremely talented..must visit if you haven't already! then popped into a few antique shops, and Splendid little shop, which has fun beachy finds furniture and clothing..then got a lavender shortbread from della fattoria..perfect delightful day!
i decided on the ride home to take a back route throught the country-side vs the was the most breathtaking views i have ever seen..beautiful rolling hills, cows, horses and even some wild turkeys! it took me through this teeny tiny town called nicasio..and there stood this gorgeous tiny one room mary's.
i love to just jump in my car and go wind up bumping into the most beautiful things!
happy sunday to you all

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