which one are you?

this is a tough one this week..i am slightly obsessed with both of these lovely ladies living rooms.
both feminine with impeccable taste and details that make my head spin..
top 2 images are Jessie Randall's (of Loeffler Randall..sigh) living room is a clean feminine, modern and SO new york apartment..clean lines, but still very comfortable at the same time..i love how she mixes lacquer, wood, metallic wallpaper and lipstick pink to come up with a perfect refreshing space.

2nd living room is rita konigs..which has a bunch more 'stuff' but stuff isn't the right word, when most of her 'stuff' is on my dream wish list..nonetheless..she has more personality in the room, more refurbished furniture..but could be too cluttered for your taste..its got a bit of british which makes me swoon as well

so which one are you?

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