which one are you?

this week we are deciding which style are you? olsen or olivia....we are talking their style not their personality ("show pony"), or past weird moments on red carpets (dreadlocks)..this is a good one this week because they both have a TON of style but show it 2 completely different ways..

words to describe olivia's style above...tailored, pristine, edited, very 'lady like' looking, wears solids vs. prints, and classy..(i hate to use that word..but it suits her, plus she uses it ALL the time)

well i put both olsen twins in one camp..i can't tell who is who now that they both have blond hair..(thank goodness!)
some words for the olsen's... edgy, accessorized, relaxed hair, fashion forward, ton of texture and layers, vintage..

so...which one are you?

all images from here

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