sunday sentiments

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happy sunday folks..
don't have much to say....i feel like my creative 'tank' is tapped you ever get like that?
here is some randomness happening in my head as i type:
i am enjoying my pandora station 'jack johnson' excellent mix of mellow chill tuneage..currently listening to "somewhere over the rainbow"
last week of july up next..this summer is quickly coming and going..many of you are sweating bullets in the east..but as i type this i am in jeans and a flannel..sunny but chilly..hasn't felt much like a summer in california..
someone told me i talked like june carter (reese witherspoon) in Walk the Line....will have to watch that flick again
and speaking on flicks..going to watch Surfwise in a bit ..will report my thoughts after i see it..
here is a little summertime video of donavon & jj..singin a little ditty...and doing a little surfing..

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