bootcamp blues

dear diary and boot camp instructor,
i would like to have a body like jessica biel...(stop laughing..)

if you follow me on twitter, you are well aware that i have started a new exercise regimen..its called bootcamp..its barefoot inside a padded room and honestly during moments of it i think i may die. its hell...not gonna lie..its 1 hour of pain and hell, and my instructor has no qualms about yelling at you.. i get "slacker!!" a lot..the music is what keeps me going...
i have put in a ton of cash toward pilates, yoga, ect..but nothing and i mean nothing has pushed me like this..i leave with a face as red as a tomato, wet shirt, and can't even talk because i am nauseous..but he does give me a high five once i am done...and after i have relaxed and showered i am pretty proud..

so after succumbing to this total hell..he tells me that he will do his part and get me in shape and strong which amounts to 20%, but 80% of weight is all dependent on your diet...WHAAAAT..can i just say thats so annoying! i was kind of hoping this hour long class would help me drop lbs...but ohh no..i actually told him i wanted my body like jessica's and he said work out 2x a day and eat a high protien diet + veggies, no alcohol....what the heck!..she doesn't look that miserable in those pictures...

arggghhhhh why does it have to be so hard? just venting and hoping some of you can feel my pain..

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