rikshaw chic & a deal!

neo-traditionalist & stylish bird....my peeps, sad i missed it!
angela from Ruby Press was rockin a rikshaw goa kurta too!

look at how chic miss. katie, or better known now, as mrs. neo-traditionalist, looked at the Ruby Press event held at Trove..(sad i couldn't make it!)
we think that our tuxedo kurta is the perfect transition into fall top... i love layering it under vests, sweaters, jean jackets..whatev your little heart desires...

and in showing you how much i heart this top.. i am offering it at a discount 15%off..just red, turquoise and green...coupon good for 1 week!
use coupon code TUX at check-out!

see.. i try to be chic...but have a ways to go..the camera pops out and i go into total dork mode..
but wanted you to see me in the green tuxedo..lurve it..!

please look at the cuteness that is haydee from Happenstance, one of my all time fav reads..!
she rolled up the sleeves and made an adorable little short sleeve kurta out of the red tuxedo...So many options!!thanks haydee!

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