needing a 'moment' anxiety

image from here

the other day i was wondering around my abode..feeling like..i want/need some 'moments' in my 'moments' i mean styled vignettes on tables, in little nooks, on my dresser, in the bathroom even...
everything is seeming tired and shoved off to the side....and very lived in
and i have oprah's mantra on repeat in my head "your home should rise up to you" ...(arrrghhhh whatever!!)

i need to remind myself this is easy to do for a photoshoot, harder to maintain in day to day life,
don't these insanely beautiful images give you any angst?

i have that tray why don't i do something chic like that with it?
images 2-5 from here

i love a well-travelled vignette with an image and little bits...

images 6-7 from here

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