dream a little dream

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i am dreaming of someday opening a store...literally i have had this fantasy ever since i was the 'wrapping paper girl' during the holidays at a local boutique in Virginia.. i have it all mapped out..the tunes i would be playing, the candle that would be burning, the dog bowl out front with water and jumby taking a nap beside it, the big front window displays..ohh and the goodies piled up high, that i would buy from a big trip to india.....not sure if you remember the movie 'you've got mail' but i was SO envious of Meg Ryans' little bookstore, that had the bell on the door, she was so cute practically skipping to her little home away from home..i have worked in so many boutiques and loved it! changing the open to close sign, used to make my day after a long days work ....(yes, i did used to work in a card shop in college but i mostly sold incense and hippy tapestries--ohh those were the days)

go support your local brick and mortar this weekend, they would appreciate it!

happy friday folks..

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