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image from here gotta love a girl who eats !

new york where to begin...i guess with the food right?..
started off perfect fall day, covered the entire city because rain was on the forecast for the rest of the week..had an amazing breakfast everyday at le pain quotidien, such a nice cozy spot and great conversation eeves-dropping, lunch at bergdorf's cafe designed by Kelly Wearstler,(a reader suggestion-thanks! that was yumm!) in between meetings with stores, i ended the day walking the high line...saw the sun setting on the water which was nice..ohh wait i almost forgot had the most amazing panini during a meeting at Via Quadronno, Town and Country did a whole section on madison avenue, check it out!..and had to hit City Bakery..yep a maple bacon biscuit had me at hello!
Having a bunch of meetings to get too, i am a little bummed in the lack of downtown shopping i got to do, plus i never made it to brooklyn..next trip for sure! this trip i was located uptown
some shops i did hit were: The blue Tree, owned by phoebe cates, the assortment is so well-edited and original... i can never miss, ABC HOME & Carpet..ornaments had me very giddy..! love holiday glitz!and Yoya, a lovely childrens store.
image from here

but i may have to dedicate this trip to J.crew..i swooned at the wedding shop, loved the collection store and mens store on madison...seriously though..its not just the impeccable clothes and accessories, its the hand-knotted rugs, art, perfume, books, nail polish that make it such a lifestyle brand...maybe j.crew home is on the horizon..HOW LOVELY would that be?? collaboration with rikshaw design perhaps?! (hee, i dream)...

speaking of jcrew...heather from Habitually Chic invited me to go with her to the spring preview, here are my pics (which aren't that good better ones found here)
who's up for sequin shorts? to be able to pull that off, makes me die with envy!
hold please...when i saw jenna lyons walking amy astley from Teen Vogue through the line, i broke out into a sweat...she is such a rockstar! just look at how chic she is..and even better she is SO down to earth.. i introduced myself to her, & told her what i did and she said she heard of the line!?!?! WHAAAAAA (she may have just been being nice..but still!!)...someone hold me up i think i am gonna pass out cold right now...
ohh and if the Jenna conversation wasn't enough...in walks lauren hutton...she walked by every single model and said hello to each of them..what grace and class she has..and can i mention BEAUTIFUL!! stunning! gap tooth, huge smile and totally natural--can i be her when i grow up?

the night continued on to Jonathan Adler's store party where i met him and celerie kemble, who are so fun and gracious and having a great time! btw..his store is choc full of awesome christmas goodies!
and then on to the Ralph Lauren womens store, who was having a party for Gloria Vanderbilts book, where i gasped when i saw my fav of all time.. Kathy griffin coming down the steps saying "ok i made it down the steps!" (why didn't i tell her how much she makes me laugh?), and then Andy Cohen had Sarah Jessica Parker on his arm and walked over to chat more with Kathy...I over heard them talking about how it was bethanny's birthday...that's it! put a fork in me i am done ! can i come?
I am name dropping a ton right now in this post..that is because I never have nights like this, this was crazy!...thank you so much Heather for letting me tag along and introducing me to so many wonderful people..it was truly a memorable night for me!
..last but certainly not least was ending with some drinks with the hilarious Jess of The love list, such fun laughing and blabbing about our nonsense..it could have continued to the wee hours of the morning but i had to fly away super early..

being back to my left coast..exhausted but happy with my little lamb..feels good to really be home..sometimes it takes a few wild days away to make you get back home and love just exactly where you are..

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