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not too long ago, this week, i was in india travelling and designing the rikshaw line.. it was days after the diwali festival, the festival of lights, one of the most celebrated festivals all over india. in tradition, everyone cleans there homes, offices and surroundings and every corner is lighted with little mud pots with candles and in the evening every hindu family worships goddess lakshmi, who is known for wealth and prosperity...happy diwali to those of you who celebrate!
i stumbled upon these "love travel guides" by fiona caulfield, she has lived all over the world and now resides in India. She has created love travel guides for the luxury vagabond in all of us. they come complete with maps for your morning, afternoon and evening...must do lists!..and a little insight into some historical facts.
and any guide that tells me to begin my evening with a sunset drink on the rooftop of the Bissau Palace hotel....sound like my kind of guide book!

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