gift guide: hadley from tada!

I get so excited about Christmas. The decorating, the finding of gifts and the wrapping, most people dread it, I love it! Here are some of the things I am buying this year:

1. For my sister, I am getting Home by Anita Kaushal. Its my favorite design book, all about family living and while the spaces are out of this world, they are lived in and homey.
2. This is top of my list, David Week's wooden toys. I can already see them grouped together on a console in my living room. (Simus the Rhino, Ursa the Bear and Hanno the Gorilla, please).
3. I flipped over this poncho and Matta scarf from Peek...Aren't You Curious. For my middle daughter, whose style (and speed in getting ready) I envy.
4. My friend Amy Augustine makes the most beautiful jewelry. Everything is so delicate and gorgeous, I am still deciding which one I will get my mom.
5. I think Namhee's furniture might be one of my happiest discoveries of the year. I am giving this to my god daughter. I will special order with a Liberty print fabric that matches her room. I love the idea of her pulling this little bench up to a bookshelf to read or to get that just-out-of-reach toy.

Catherine, thank you so much for having me.

Hadley thanks for participating! love your unique children finds!! listen up folks, if you haven't ventured to Hadley's site tada! to search for anything boy/girl ..get going here!

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