gift guide: the neo-traditionalist

1. Red Gingham Napkins -- I think a couple sets of these classic napkins make a charming hostess gift for holiday parties.
2. Gold Pineapple Candle Holders -- My grandmother will love these pineapple candleholders from the Metropolitan Museum of Art shop.
3. Flower Earrings -- For my mother these darling daisy earrings also from the Met's collection.
4. Confetti Mug -- My best friend would flip for a pair of these new Kate Spade confetti mugs.
5. Brass Wishbone -- For my Matchbook Magazine team members this brass wishbone --- a simple yet chic sign of good luck.
6. Leather Satchel -- For my handsome law student husband a leather shoulder bag handmade by Billy Kirk for toting legal pads to and from class.

Thank you for including me Catherine : )

thanks katie, for finishing up a great series for me! i love all your gifts they are so YOU and i love it! in case you have been living under a rock and havent visited my girl, katie's blog, the Neo-traditionalist...knock yourself out with hours of eye candy..

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