a note for my girls...

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just a note to say thanks to some great girlfriends, who have been so sweet the past 2 days..if you don't follow me on twitter...then you don't know that my neck has been pinched, i literally can't turn my head ....i am joan cusack in 16 candles (funny, but totally not exaggerating)...and i have had such sweet support all around me, beacause i am laid up and can't really move... thank you so much!

also wanted to say a humongous thank you to all my blogger girlfriends who participated in fav 5 holiday gift series...weren't they incredible! i have so many awesome ideas from you all and have loved seeing you each express your own creative style here on the blog....thank you sooo much!

now i am back and i am a little envious of all these guides, so coming up you will get my tid bits on some gifts, of course my ramblings, and good tuneage on the agenda..

ciao for now!

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