emersonmade giveaway

hello people...i am thrilled to share with you an INSANE giveaway..just for you--cause i love ya! hopefully you are all VERY aware of the dynamic duo: emerson and ryan the team behind the fantastic brand emersonmade. Emerson started off selling her linen flowers that can go on anything from a wedding dress to a man's lapel. They have ventured on.. into clothing that fits their lives on the farm, in the city, at the beach and has a ton of chic american styling from decades ago..

behold...my fav piece from their clothing collection the black and cream dotted silk ribbons blouse, 100% silk with tiny mother of pearl buttons, wear it loose and open with jeans, tied up with a cute skirt, or bowed at the neck with some tux pants for the holidays.

ok are you salivating yet? (i am as i create this post-wish i could enter!)
they are so kind to offer this amaze-blouse for you to WIN

if you do a few things:
1. comment here how amazing this and they are!
2. follow them on their facebook page
3. follow them on twitter (not boring tweets either)
4. sign up for their mailing list

i will announce the lovely, lucky winner here on friday...so check back!

cheers to emersonmade..keep up your amazing work!

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