pas de deux

did i ever tell you i used to dance ballet? i got pretty serious into it, was in nutcracker a bunch of years, & swan lake...then 'boys' entered my brain and i was forever distracted and wanted to hang out at school more often than go downtown and take ballet...
(sortta regret that i ever stopped) be able to be that flexible again would be so nice
after so many years least i will always know the positions, posture, and routines..ahh to be in a tu
so i went to see Black Swan Last night...first of all i needed to digest what i had seen before i could comment on it...secondly, i could have done without some of the 'horror' aspects of it
(i laughed at some of those scenes)...BUT i highly recommend it. Natalie portman was so beautiful as was Mila Kunis..
i adored the costumes, her shrugs and leg warmers.. the film really captured the real discipline it takes to be a dancer...
do i dare try and take up lessons again..?

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