well i am back from vacation in hawaii...i can't barely remember the last time i went somewhere to do actually took me a bit to get on island time and shut off..
it was bliss
i could move there...seriously, its a great good, swim, sunshine..ahhh
this is my friend yertle..isn't she pretty..i would go sit by them and they would flap to the ocean for 2 seconds, get tired fall asleep, then wake up and try again...the life of a sea turtle swim for hours then sunbath all day..i could get used to that..
me chillin with my girl..(i have no idea if she is a girl..she just seemed like it) ohh and i am wearing a *new rikshaw womens it! easy breezy
i am putting this picture in here for 2 reasons...
1- i have never seen myself look more relaxed in a photograph in my life, so i think its worth documenting..
2- my fav shirt that i think everyone needs
these are mens jcrew sunbleached lightweight flannel shirts...perfect layer for the spring and summer..super soft and i like the loose cut, over the womens (which is too tapered in for my shape)... love it, shop the men's dept!

(excuse all the grainy iphone pics..)

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