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i have been a bad blogger these days..but i am swamped..really i am! i cannot catch up to save my life. yesterday i was thinking about the piles on my desk, floor and all surrounding surfaces and it stressed me out so much i decided to go for a walk because i don't know where to begin. does this ever happen to you....?
my sweet Nana would have said "honey, thank your lucky stars you are as busy as you are!"
i am thankful but a couple more hours in the day would be nice..

anyway the following are random tid bits spotted around that i adore..

image gucci westman at fashion week

signet rings....mixed with diamond bands even better. my mom and my dad both where their rings, i want to get mine fixed and start wearing it again

ohh olivia, modeling for tibi..seriously you stop me in my tracks with your perfect pout and figure..i must have and need that BELT way more than you!

the bhldn line, the new wedding line from anthropologie has some beautiful dreamy dresses...this Eyelet one made me swoon..

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