what a debacle

so this is how i started the evening...celebrating a sunday of the Oscars with in-n-out burger...have no clue the cringing i was about to endure..

mila looked gorgeous...as did michelle williams, did you see her speaking with a British accent on the carpet??confused.. she looked stunning.

scarlett nailed the hair and make-up and back part of this outfit..she needed to walk backwards all night..the front..not so much.

gwyneth hit it out of the park..love her! love how cute she was during her interview..big applause to you..
and i just adore these saucy, sexy, spanish lovers..

i could go on and on about the fashion snooze fests...halle barry, nicole kidman, and reese..ACK!

but the real reason for this post is to vent about the terrible choice in getting perkalicious anne and stoner james to host..what were they thinking?! this is the Oscars people....not mtv meets nickelodeon award show? ricky gervais must have been rolling around in bouts of laughter. there are so many comedians they could have chosen..ANNE is NOT FUNNY! not in the slightest!
and james...WHAAAA? pull it together..sheesh!

my vote is to get tina fey and amy poehler or ricky g, or robin williams, or heck get billy crystal back..this was a total bamboozzle...

a least my in-n-out was good.

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