a note to you

me + my girl with my first delivery

rikshaw has some news for all of you...
we are moving to a new office!!! and hiring (more on that later)!!

i have been hammering on and on about this and it's happening!! it really is!
i have been an emotional wreck about all this change as well..i adore change and usually thrive on it when it's in motion..but there is something about change that gets me all teared up and want to stop and think about why i started this little biz in the first place...because it's not going to be the same as its been for the past 3 years.
i started it because i had something i wanted to create..even if i only sold one piece of it. I wanted to make my mark in that one person's room, then i would feel satisfied. also, i remember thinking how intimidating it would be to sell to stores..Oh no..they would be so judgemental ect..and then my first account gobbled up the line and has remained a loyal store ever since! its funny how your fears just dwindle away..

i have loved having this business, even though the hours have been long and the schlep unbearable at times. It's clearly ready for more space physically and creatively. as it's growing, i wanted to take a moment and thank you for reading this blog, re-blogging about rikshaw product, leaving me encouraging comments, buying product, sending me photographs of you and your family in the product, and of course giving me endless hours of inspiration that i get from your lives. You have been my everyday wake-up call and it has meant more than you know.

onward and upward ..(right?!...ack!)

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