wednesday random

Big thank you to the always funny and adorable Catherine for inviting us to partake in "Wednesday Random"! Such a great concept to fight the mid-week slump - Rikshaw never fails to inspire us :) Hope everyone has a fab rest of the week... Let the randomness roll!!

xxoo, Sally and Molly - A PIECE of TOAST

We love Tex-Mex. Maybe more than we like shiny things. But tacos + diamonds? Yes. Please.

Sally had the pleasure of meeting this beauty. Her name is Petunia. Isn't she gorgeous?!

We read that a glass a grapefruit juice is a great way to start the day... the pretty pink is an instant pick-me-up. And it's tasty.

We have a small obsession for Lavender Oil after our sweet yoga teacher introduced it to us - a little on the wrists goes a looong way!

(Image 1, 4, 5, 6)

thank you molly and sally...your blog is a favorite and a must read even if i only have 2 minutes to spare! love your utter randomness! thanks!

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