wednesday random

Everyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with candies and sweets in general. But did you know I recently bought a cotton candy machine? Oh, and I am obsessed with it!

I used to cover lingerie in my former life as a fashion editor. I think that if someone told me I had to design a collection right now, it would be a lingerie line, very girly and very sexy.

My toes must always be painted and look perfect, but my finger nails are never done. I hate color on my nails and don't have the patience to sit and have a manicure (how would I read my magazine at the nail salon with the working on my hands??).

I love Los Angeles but often think about the fact that I could never live there because I always associate warm, sunny weather with vacation and I don't think I'd get any work done.

If I could drive any car right now I'd choose a vintage Wagoneer. Navy with the faux wood paneling preferably. (But Sam insists I drive a safe car. Not that I'm complaining about my car, mind you!)

{images from here, here, here, here, and here.}

thanks Melissa, love your rando pics and thoughts! and i want that girly lingerie!

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