sample sale-UPDATED!

taj blankets- all colors
burp and bib sets {jaipur, udaipur, bombay, lali}
taj boudoir, taj euro shams, taj standard shams
taj duvet covers twin and full/queen sizes
udaipur bumper
jaipur bumper + bedskirt {2 piece set-no quilt}
lali bumper
bombay crib set {3 piece sets}
bombay bumper + skirt {2 piece set}
udaipur giraffe elephant pillow

taj pink crib set
taj pink bedskirt

well folks..we are ready for our 3rd sample sale ! We have some goodies for you, remember the holidays are just around the corner!Please follow the instructions carefully to eliminate confusion. We are only responding to customers who follow the instructions---its our only way to manage the huge response we get from these sales!

All sample sale items are first come first serve …limited quantities available!!

the issues you can expect from these samples:
*some of the issues are spots, smudges- throw in the wash
*dirty logo tag-snipp it off!
*pattern placement--like you care?
*we used for a photo shoot--just wash it, its brand new!

like all samples they aren't perfect..but they still are beautiful and we think you or your babe will still love it right before they dirty it up anyway.

here is what we have:

  • taj blankets in colors green,pink, lavender: originally $68 sample $35 sold out blue,aqua,yellow
  • udaipur giraffe elephant: originally $52 sample $30 SOLD OUT
  • taj elephant pillow in green (green paisleys on body with green monkey around- no image): originally $52 sample $30 SOLD OUT
  • Burp bib sets in udaipur (yellow): originally $39 sample $15 sold out of all EXCEPT udaipur (yellow/orange)
  • crib bumpers in udaipur: $50
  • crib set (3 pieces:bumper, bedskirt, quilt) in bombay: originally $380 sample $190
  • crib set (2 pieces: bumper + bedskirt) in bombay, jaipur- $100
  • crib bedskirt in taj pink- $40 SOLD OUT
  • taj f/q pink duvet cover: originally $198 sample $99 SOLD OUT
  • taj twin duvet in pink and green: originally $148 sample $75 SOLD OUT
  • taj standard shams in blue, pink: originally $38 sample $20 SOLD OUT
  • taj Euro Shams in pink, green: originally $48 sample $25 SOLD OUT
  • taj boudoir sham cover in green: originally $30 sample $15 sold out
so this is how to get your goods:
  • email (respond qtys!)
  • subject of email should say SAMPLE SALE. in the email include the following:
  • describe what you want from the above list (for ex. 1 green taj blanket, 2 bombay burp and bib sets,ect) for better visuals check out products online at rikshawdesign
  • your credit card information (name on the card, billing address, card type, cc #, expiration date, CVC code) If you would rather call us with your CC info feel free.
  • Your ship to information, we do not ship to PO boxes.
  • a flat shipping rate of $10 shipping will be added to your total (all UPS ground), not applicable to international orders.
  • we will send you a confirmation email...this will tell you what we are able to ship to you and the total that will be charged to your card. Your confirmation email is your receipt that you have that product you requested.

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