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Today I took some time out to go hear Rachel Ashwell, of Shabby Chic speak. She took us through unexpected pages in her new book, Shabby Chic Inspirations. Showing us images of how friends, artists she loves, and clients all have different tastes but all still have something very shabby-chic (a chipped mirror, treasures from a random flea market mixed with black walls!)

All of this I found interesting, but what I was touched by the most was her genuine honesty. She was speaking on the anniversary of her mom's passing and talking about how she thinks of her often, had made all welled up in tears. She also spoke how the last 3 years (declaring bankruptcy) have been really tough & hideous, and through it all she has gotten back to what inspires her most...people.
Her newest adventure is she has bought a B&B in Prairie Land Texas...why texas? Its the home of one of the BEST flea markets in the country and she spends a bunch of time there, so when the B&B needed a buyer she bought it! From the images in the book-- it looks rustic, relaxing with delicious looking beds.
go check out The Prairie's website here
If she is coming to your area you should go hear her speak, she is delightful!

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