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whoa...i got to my 1000th post!
i didn't start this blog with any goals, i had no idea what i was going to write about or focus 1st post here as you can see couldn't be anymore random...a post about breakfast images? i remember my brother giving me grief about that one...but i told him look at the image, its pretty!

i get asked "why do you blog?"

Not sure really, maybe i have a random thought, a pretty image to share, a rikshaw mention, need some fashion advice, tell you about tunes i am listening too...or maybe because its been my little happy place i like to go to and just be me. I have met some amazing people through this little blog, some creative people that i admire and get constantly inspired by on a daily basis. i am always thrilled when i get a comment from a familiar "friend" or a new acquaintance. And when i get told in person .."i read your blog" i am genuinely surprised and incredible flattered.

thank you for reading my rambles, participating in give-aways or blog posts, wishing me a happy birthday, giving me advice or support when i am stressed, supporting rikshaw, and for sticking means so much to me.

here's to another 1000!!...(croak!)

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