globe recap are a bombshell! and your curves are so rockin, thank you for having them!

ok this was not a favorite of many, but i loved it she is GORGE! her face, hair, and able to pull off such a runway look, its amazing!
mila, gets

paula, best color of the night!
amanda peet, who is your stylist? they always have you looking boho beautiful

alrighty...what a night! I was actually expecting more from Ricky G. i could watch over and over him running on stage behind madonna---classic!
i think my fav's are a bit controversial...but the above were my fav's of the night!
and i can't find a pic of JANE FONDA, but when she came up on stage i nearly fell on the floor and started doing crunches, she is unbelievable at 74 (i think?)!

also huge round of applause for homeland winning!!! best show on tv!

images all from here

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