life lately

if you haven't read Mindy Kaling's book, go get it! it's laugh out loud hilarious.
if the back image isn't enough to read this book i don't know what is.
honu sleeping

life has been pretty hectic, i bolted right after the site launched and went to hawaii for a quick vacay..i know i am a very lucky girl! but not to sound totally was too short!
or maybe i need to move there? i was way too sad to leave..
everything from watching the whales out in the ocean, hanging with the "hona" (sea turtles), dipping in the salty water, making time for a massage, eating the insanely fresh produce...seriously i have never loved lettuce this much.
i wonder if i lived on an island..would i go bonkers?
as i write this with a 10-day forecast of rain..i am not so sure i would..
it's good livin.

since i have been home, i have woken up with total anxiety in the middle of the night, with countless random lists in my head, tossing & turning about the things that need to get done, dr's appts that haven't happened, hair dealt with, clean out the fridge, eat better!exercise! and don't even get me started on the work lists...this is not normal for me, if there is one thing i have mastered...
its sleep.
i struggle with laying all my junk (personal stuff) on my blog, and i really appreciate those that do. i will just say that i think i am always going to struggle with achieving balance...
are you ever truly in balance? that would mean personal/health/work life all in balance in my opinion. i think it will be my life long struggle. thank the heavens above that i have the support of someone amazing in my i just need to figure out the rest of these "lists". this what happens when you leave paradise?

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