my granny shoe love

this post is about TIP #2 that i gave to Matchbook Magazine.
i needed a comfy shoe to hoof around india in and decided to go with some german Worishofers. They are an orthopedic sandal and cheap! I was a bit worried because i ordered them threw them in my case and was off to India..I figured if they got uncomfortable, or gave me blisters I would just buy something there...none of which happened.
I can't tell you how much i love these comfy sandals..they are such a lifesaver! They have a nice cork lift to them...they may not be the sexiest shoe or the most glamorous--like i care!
i have these ones above...and so does kerri russell below!

I am thinking i may get the slingbacks this season

some more fans in kirsten dunst, Maggie and Michelle williams..
so if you are needing a comfortable shoe to travel with or just frolic around town won't be disappointed with worishofers!

your feet will thank me!

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