life lately


life lately has been busy busy
i had grand plans, while my better half was away surfing for the last 15 days:

  • re-do the house to look like something i covet on pinterest...didn't happen
  • do a gallery wall, update pics, style bookshelves...didn't happen
  • go to yoga 4x a week...didn't happen
  • do some gardening..managed to do that!
  • read....mediocre attempt

instead... i spent so much time seeing friends old and new. its been nice catching up and connecting with everyone..but i am exhausted! one evening i caught up with an old colleague and she is making it a point every month to "connect" with someone--can be an old friend, an old work friend, a new work contact..our "tea date" turned into a wine 4-hour session. it was such a nice unexpected evening of swapping stories, talking about fun blogs to read, talking about where we are with our lives. She inspired me to do the same...connect.

now, I want to detox and hibernate the rest of the summer, and maybe tackle that list above 

happy weekend and happy father's day !

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